What’s next for Mark Hoverson?

What is next for Mr. Mark Hoverson? He has had the Midas touch for the last several months.

Let’s review some of his accomplishments:

#1 Top producer in the Global Resorts Network vacation club.
#2 Thriving personal coaching course that under promises and over delivers.
#3 Very successful joint venture with Ann Seig, entitled Leadership Branding.
#4 Creating his own personal line of cologne reported to be named Solomon Spice.
#5 Actually competed in the Iron Man competition.
#6 Another successful jv with Mr. Jonathan Budd entitled MLM Launch forumula.
#7 One of several keynote speakers at the recent NO EXCUSES internet marketing summit in Las Vegas.
#8 Creation of a video series entitled Solomon CEO which brings his Christian beliefs to internet marketing.
#9 Sponsors a youth scholarship program that provides for 500 dollar scholarships to young entrepreneurs.
#10 Provides mentoring, and motivational presentations throughout our Nation.

I am sure I have missed many other achievements of Mark Hoverson. These are just the ones I could rattle of for this blog post.  I wonder what is next for Mark and how I can be part of his next move?

Feel free to post your comments below if you have any insight as to what we might expect next from Mark.  Also, here is a video review I did on Mark Hoverson.



Ps. If you haven’t joined Mark’s personal coaching course and want to learn more about it visit my link.


No Excuses Summit Webinar – Lacks Mark Hoverson Power

Ok, allow me to vent in the first paragraph.

Mark Hoverson excitement level
I was like a child filled with excitement to hear all the top names in internet marketing.  These were names that I had actually heard before.
For example, Mike Dillard, Brian Fanale, Todd Falcone, Cedrick  Harris, Jonathan Budd, Mark Hoverson, Katie Freiling and Adam Holland.

The excitement was building as they announced the next speaker was going to be Mark Hoverson.  He departed from the previous speakers by
promising to get right into some golden internet marketing nuggets for the online audience of approximately 1,000 people.

So, the stage was set, and Mark was on fire. For those who don't know Mark's style, he has a routine of asking his webinar audience
if they can relate to what he is saying by asking them to raise their virtual hands using the webinar "raise hand" icon. 

So here I am am with close to 1,000 people on the webinar. I am certain that several hundred virtual hands were being
raised. The affirmation was confirmed and this is usually the final act before Mark Hoverson unleashes some special North
Dakota marketing magic on the crowd.

I felt like I was rooting for my favorite football player, and Mark was about to come crashing through the banner!

And then BAMM!!!! The webinar ended!  (Disclaminer - I photo shop'd my face on that body.)

So, I just stood there staring at the computer screen. My pen still clunched in my hand poised ready to write in my leather

journal (compliments of Mark Hoverson Coaching Course)!
So, as I type this quick blog, I still don't know what the heck actually happened last night.

It is a good thing I am in the Mark Hoverson coaching club, because I am amongst the first to receive his pearls of internet marketing wisdom.

Check out his current coaching club offer and you can get two tickets to the Solomon CEO event in San Fransisco at no charge!

Thanks for taking the time to read this post.



A Review of Global Resorts and Mark Hoverson’s coaching course.

Mark Hoverson – A Review of Global Resorts and Mark Hoverson’s coaching course.

First, let’s talk about the global resorts network, commonly referred to as GRN. GRN seems to be an exciting opportunity that has a great blend of opportunity and vacation fun. I am not a member of the GRN team (yet) because I am not yet convinced that it is a good business model for me. I am still evaluating the program and have been tempted to join on several occasions so that I can further increase my sphere of influence and leverage the teaching of one of their top producers. (Sphere of influence is one of Mark’s techniques) Regardless of my decision, there are certain facts that I would like to share with those who are also considering joining the Global Resorts Network (GRN).

I do know that if you decide to try and make a business out Global Resorts Network, you should hire an internet coach to help you maximize the potential for success. I believe that many people get hooked on opportunities because they make them so darn hard to resist and they have tons of testimonials from people that look just like you. The really long squeeze pages (also known as lead capture pages) wear you down with eye catching headlines like “Make Money while swinging in a hammock” as they show a picture of beautiful people loving their new found riches. (You know the ones I am talking about)

I have not yet decided to join the Global Resorts Network because I am unsure if it is the right fit for me. I like the ability to take vacations at a reduce price and travel with my family. Who wouldn’t like to save a little bit of money, especially during our current economic situation? My family takes on average 3 vacations a year and being able to save even a little bit of money would great. But, I think it might take several years before I realize a true savings and I would rather use that money elsewhere. However, if I were to join GRN as a home based online business then I would only need to make a couple of sales for the program to be paid for and realize immediate savings. Can you feel my pain? I am still weighing my options.

I do know one thing for sure. I would definitely join Mark Hoverson’s exclusive coaching program. Mark has done very well in his resorts network business and I would definitely follow his step by step secrets that he shares in his course.
I have been personally enrolled in Hoverson’s coaching course for 3 months and continue to find great value in the program. Mark covers a multitude of topics including pay per click, google adwords mastery program with Johnathon Budd (which costs more than his coaching course so there is an immediate value), personal branding applications and strategies, videos on how to successfully launch a project or program online, 7 secrets to dimensional video marketing, and personal motivational videos. There is much more but you should check it out yourself to see what I am talking about.

So, as I ponder whether or not to join the global resorts network, I will keep plugging away at my primary online business utilizing the techniques taught by Mark to increase my personal branding and direct people to my personal web site funnels that I have also created based on the teachings of Mark.

Here is a series of links that showcase some of the tangible results based on Mark Hoverson’s course:

1) My personal branding video – This video was inspired by Mark’s own story, I had fun making it and hope you have fun watching it and learning a little more about me.

2) How I am now using facebook to generate revenue. Social media is the new medium that many advertising are using to make sales. I learned about this while attending Mark Hoverson’s leadership branding event in Las Vegas in 2010. Here is my example of how to monetize popular social media site.

3) This is my current project, I call it my Internet Command System. I have been working on an e-report that reveals internet marketing strategies that I have learned over the years. The site has been a work in progress should be operational beginning June 1, 2010.

4) The last example, is the exclusive program offered by Mark Hoverson. I initially joined using the special offer of 7 days for only 1 dollar. You get to see everything that Mark has to offer, so if you want to spend 20 hours a day exploring everything Mark has to offer, you might be able to absorb everything before your trial expires. You can see if he is still offering the trial by visitin MyGlobalSecret and look for the special link on the page.

Give me a call if you find this information useful and are seriously about working to build your online business. I really enjoy helping people understand how internet marketing works and how they too can become successful online.

Ray Briant

PS. If you do decide to join, I highly recommend that you attend one of Mark’s live events. I recently attended the event that he had in Las Vegas. It was the best internet marketing related convention I have ever attended. Industry leaders from across the nation were in attendance. (Aaron Rashkin, Adam Holland, Ann Sieg, Mike Klingler, Mark Hoverson just to name a few) I also got to meet so many great people and make new friends with up and coming online entrepreneurs like Emma Starr, Arthur Frimet and Kelly Baader.

Mark Hoverson Summit review

Here is my video review of Mark Hoverson’s leadership summit.

What is a Performance Coach?

Do you know the difference between a performance coach and a performance mentor? I use My Lead System Pro as my performance coach and Mark Hoverson as my performance mentor. This video explains the difference.

Find what works for you.  Let me know if I can help you.

Mark Hoverson leadership review

My Mark Hoverson Video review

I just finished a video that quickly offers a review of the Mark Hoverson coaching course.  This video recording was made on March 31, 2010 after attending an event in which I had the opportunity to meet with Mark.