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What’s next for Mark Hoverson?

What is next for Mr. Mark Hoverson? He has had the Midas touch for the last several months.

Let’s review some of his accomplishments:

#1 Top producer in the Global Resorts Network vacation club.
#2 Thriving personal coaching course that under promises and over delivers.
#3 Very successful joint venture with Ann Seig, entitled Leadership Branding.
#4 Creating his own personal line of cologne reported to be named Solomon Spice.
#5 Actually competed in the Iron Man competition.
#6 Another successful jv with Mr. Jonathan Budd entitled MLM Launch forumula.
#7 One of several keynote speakers at the recent NO EXCUSES internet marketing summit in Las Vegas.
#8 Creation of a video series entitled Solomon CEO which brings his Christian beliefs to internet marketing.
#9 Sponsors a youth scholarship program that provides for 500 dollar scholarships to young entrepreneurs.
#10 Provides mentoring, and motivational presentations throughout our Nation.

I am sure I have missed many other achievements of Mark Hoverson. These are just the ones I could rattle of for this blog post.  I wonder what is next for Mark and how I can be part of his next move?

Feel free to post your comments below if you have any insight as to what we might expect next from Mark.  Also, here is a video review I did on Mark Hoverson.



Ps. If you haven’t joined Mark’s personal coaching course and want to learn more about it visit my link.