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What’s next for Mark Hoverson?

What is next for Mr. Mark Hoverson? He has had the Midas touch for the last several months.

Let’s review some of his accomplishments:

#1 Top producer in the Global Resorts Network vacation club.
#2 Thriving personal coaching course that under promises and over delivers.
#3 Very successful joint venture with Ann Seig, entitled Leadership Branding.
#4 Creating his own personal line of cologne reported to be named Solomon Spice.
#5 Actually competed in the Iron Man competition.
#6 Another successful jv with Mr. Jonathan Budd entitled MLM Launch forumula.
#7 One of several keynote speakers at the recent NO EXCUSES internet marketing summit in Las Vegas.
#8 Creation of a video series entitled Solomon CEO which brings his Christian beliefs to internet marketing.
#9 Sponsors a youth scholarship program that provides for 500 dollar scholarships to young entrepreneurs.
#10 Provides mentoring, and motivational presentations throughout our Nation.

I am sure I have missed many other achievements of Mark Hoverson. These are just the ones I could rattle of for this blog post.  I wonder what is next for Mark and how I can be part of his next move?

Feel free to post your comments below if you have any insight as to what we might expect next from Mark.  Also, here is a video review I did on Mark Hoverson.



Ps. If you haven’t joined Mark’s personal coaching course and want to learn more about it visit my link.


Mark Hoverson Summit review

Here is my video review of Mark Hoverson’s leadership summit.

Mark Hoverson is taller in person

Mark Hoverson and Ray Briant

First, let me apologize to the first guy who I mistook for Mark and bull rushed him and proceeded to speak to for a few minutes about personal branding before I realized it wasn’t Mark.  Talk about awkward. To my defense, he could have been Mark’s twin brother and had I known Mark Hoverson was taller than average I would have been much quicker to spot him in the crowd of several hundred.

So after my brief encounter with the Hoverson imposter, I continued my search.  It was like a scavenger hunt and when the speakers announced “Mark Hoverson please report to the registration table”, I knew I was getting close!

After strategically covering the 20,000 square foot room I finally found where Mark was hanging.  Ironically, he was standing right next to where my seat was.  I casually strolled up to Mark and asked him if he knew where I could get a cool leather journal to take notes (as I was showing him the Mark Hoverson insignia coaching club journal that I recently received).  He had a good laugh about it and Mark was kind enough to schedule some time to sit down with me.

Mark was gracious with his time and offered several great internet marketing suggestions.  (Many of which he discusses on

Mark is very easy to talk to and in my opinion Mark is a true leader who will attract other leaders.   The price of his course is very reasonable considering the content that he is providing and the genuineness of his willingness to help.  In my estimation, Mark Hoverson ability to combine his personal branding, ad copy expertise, and unique ability to articulate sound internet marketing strategies will keep him at the top of internet success stories.

I wish to extend a sincere thank you to Mark Hoverson for his time and I look forward to working with you in the near future.

Mark Hoverson first review


Mark Hoverson review –

My review of Mark Hoverson's coaching courseI am enrolled in Mark Hoverson’s coaching program.  Here is my review of Mark Hoverson and his course.

First, as a matter of disclosure, I am not only enrolled in Hoverson’s coaching course but also his affiliate program.

Here is my review thus far:

In my opinion, the most valuable elements of the Mark Hoverson coaching club are as follows:

Mark Hoverson is like a Jedi Linguistic MasterDomination of the English language – Mark Hoverson is like a Jedi Linguistic Master and the most valuable aspect of Mark Hoverson’s coaching program is Mark Hoverson.  Mark has the ability to speak in evangelist fashion and really captivates the attention and uniquely activates the internal triggers of online entrepreneurs.  Mark truly has a communicative gift and seems to sharpen his skills at an exponentially and alarming pace and Hoverson definitely brings his “A” game for each webinar that I was able to watch.   I have read several of the books that Mark recommend his students read including “4 Hour Work Week” by Tim Ferriss, and have found that my notes on the book match almost identically to Mark Hoverson’s interpretation of 4HWW.

I have watch a dozen webinars produced by Mark Hoverson and have found myself captivated by his combination of dialogue and bamboo illustration.  I think that I am not alone since he continues to pack the webinars.  I have also done some unofficially research on Mark’s coaching club site and have tracked a spiked increase in his traffic.

I think Mark would agree, that's part of his attraction.Technical Skill Set – In my opinion, Mark Hoverson has only moderate technical skills that he often plays to his advantage.  Mark Hoverson is not your guy if you already possess:

  • expert story telling ability
  • marketing agility of a gazelle
  • part advanced life form capable of subliminally using some advanced technology to your advantage (triggers)

If you also share the above talents with Mark Hoverson,  but simply lack the technical “ know how” to create a website, create landing page (technical aspect not marketing), embed social media sites, and exploit twitter or emerging technology then the Mark Hoverson course as currently designed may not be for you.   I think Mark would agree.  For example, Mark often mentions that he does not consider himself a computer savvy guy who relies on either his wife, Shannon, or his team leaders to get him over some technology hurdles.

7 Day trial to Hoverson Coaching isn't enough time7 Days isn’t enough Time – I would have preferred more time to explore Mark Hoverson’s internet marketing coaching club.  There is so much information that it will take more than 7 days to sort through the marketing tactics. For example, there is an entire section devoted to mastery of the Adwords.  This was a joint venture with Jonathon Budd and Mark Hoverson.  The series consist of 7 videos and a bonus video but you the system does not allow you to view week three videos during your 7 day trial.  Since I know a lot about google adwords, I wasn’t that disappointed and spent most of my time in the hoverson’s archived webinars and studying his 13 powerful productivity tips.  Here is a screen shot of the members area :

I give Mark Hoverson's course a thumbs up.Final Thoughts – I instantly connected with Mark Hoverson as soon as I saw his personal branding video.  So much so, that I spent the next 7 days working on my own personal branding video. Feel free to watch it and give me your opinion, Mark Hoverson Inspired Video.

Mark has motivated me to get past the procrastination that had paralyzed my efforts and finally just go out and do it!

My suggestion is to take Mark up on his current offer to try his coaching course for only 1 dollar (if it is still in affect) and before he changes his mind.  You can see if the offer is still valid by going to his site at

If you decide to join,  I think you will really enjoy the program.  Good luck with your online endeavors and I wish you success online.



Ps. Make sure to watch the video entitled “ 7 secrets of 7 dimensional video marketing”.  It is a killer video!